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pronouns he, him, his

As a certified holistic nutritionist and organic chef, I am committed to providing you with knowledge and expertise so you can create the healthy lifestyle you deserve. Follow my journey as I further my education in the healthcare field on any social media platform. 


From a young age while living in the Caribbean, I was exposed to a holistic lifestyle. I experienced many health challenges throughout the years. My body was attacking me from the inside. I’m grateful for my early teachings because I turned to holistic healthcare to improve my health. 


Organic Mobile Chefs started off with me planning, prepping, and cooking fresh meals for NYC families and individuals as a private chef in 2017. I have knowledge of cooking diet based, Caribbean and American cuisines. Now it offers more services such as private chef services, meal delivery, cooking classes and catering.


I love laughing, smiling, meditation, music, traveling, books, the arts, cooking, exercising, riding my Peloton bike (LB #organicallygabi), being grateful for everything in the universe and being surrounded with loving healthy family and friends. 


Every dish is flavored with herbs & spices and either organic, natural or both. No GMOs. Also, the cleaning products & supplies including take out containers are also natural & eco-friendly. For the delivery services, all meals are prepared out of professional kitchen & the recipes are each uniquely made. Each dish is seasoned with love. I hope that you enjoyed each one.


  • Certified holistic nutritionist from American Fitness Professionals & Associates

  • Food Protection Certification from New York State Department of Health & Mental Hygiene

  • Self taught organic chef 

  • CUNY Nutrition Science (dietitian) student formerly a mathematics major 

  • New York State Licensed Teacher Assistant

  • COVID vaccinated & double boosted

  • Monkeypox vaccinated 

  • Flu vaccinated 

My Specialties 

  • Family style cuisine

  • Group catering

  • Paleo cuisine

  • Keto cuisine

  • Whole30 cuisine

  • Plant based cuisine

  • Vegan cuisine

  • Vegetarian cuisine

  • Whole foods cuisine

  • Gluten free cuisine

  • Soy free cuisine

  • Nut free cuisines

  • American cuisine

  • Caribbean cuisine

  • Diet based cuisines    

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