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Eating Healthy  Foundations Workshops

Quinoa Dish in Jar

1. Organic Eating 

This workshop will teach you tools to eat organically. Gain knowledge on the importance of eating organic foods. Recommendations on organic food shopping. 


2. Mindful Eating

This workshop will build your nutrition foundation by addressing the less nutritious foods that may be tempted to eat and serving size based on the US Departmentment of Agriculture. Learn how to still eat your favorite foods with thoughtful eating strategies and balance of eating for nutrition and pleasure.

3. Stocking Your Kitchen 

This workshop focuses on the essentials of stocking a kitchen. Gain knowledge on how to fill your pantry and fridge with smart healthy choices.

Adult rates

Group $25 per person

Private $45 per person min 2 people 

Corporate $20 per person min 10 people 

Nonprofit $15 per person min 10 people


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