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Raw Beef with Herbs and Spices
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Nutrition Workshops


1. Sweets Are Good

This workshop will teach you the difference between artificial and natural sweeteners. Gain knowledge on how sweeteners affect glucose levels and a daily healthy sugar intake amount. Recommendations on shopping for sweeteners. 

2. Quench Your Thirst

This workshop will teach you ways to stay hydrated and the importance of a healthy water intake. Gain knowledge on foods that contribute to your daily healthy water intake. Recommendations on shopping for water.


3. Nutrition Basics

This workshop will teach you healthy sweeteners and salts and ways to stay hydrated to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Gain knowledge on healthy sugar, water and sodium intake. Learn how sweeteners affect your body, foods keep you hydrated and healthy salts. Recommendations on shopping for sweeteners, waters and salt.


4. Season With Love

This workshop focuses on the essentials of herbs, spices and salts. Gain knowledge on how to season your favorite dishes naturally without artificial chemicals or GMOs. Recommendations on herbs, spices and salts.

5. Ease Pain Naturally

This workshop will teach you ways to manage pain naturally. Gain knowledge on holistic ways to decrease inflammation and pain within your body to live a life with limited pain. Recommendations on holistic pain management. 

6. Sip on This Tea

This workshop focuses on the essentials of herbal teas. Gain knowledge on how beneficial herbal teas are to a healthy lifestyle. Recommendations on herbal teas.

Adult rates

Group $25 per person

Private $45 per person min 2 people 

Corporate $20 per person min 10 people 

Nonprofit $15 per person min 10 people

Check the calendar and subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates on current classes. 

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