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Meal Plan

  • Customized diet based meal plans

  • Recipes with organic ingredients

  • Itemize grocery list

  • Detail easy to follow recipes

  • Thirty-minute recipes

  • Calendar instructing what to eat 

  • Portion sizes

  • Nutritional information of each meal (calories, protein, fats, carbs, fiber & more)

  • Includes breakfast and snacks

  • Children meal plans available

  • Available within 72 hours

  • Emailed daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly

Meal Plans Benefits


A meal plan is the most important aspect of staying healthy. We are here to guide you along the way to reach your goals or maintain your lifestyle. With a meal plan you will be able to enjoy a variety of foods, save money in your budget (even eating all organic), save time and stress about worrying what to eat. You will be in full control of what you eat. So it will promote nutrition and you will reach your weight goals whether it is to lose weight, gain weight or main weight. 




Vegan Paleo

Plant based Paleo

Soy free Paleo

4 Ingredients

Vegan 4 Ingredients

Plant based 4 Ingredients

Soy free 4 Ingredients

Gluten free 4 Ingredients

4 Ingredients Soy & Gluten free

Whole 30

Vegan Whole 30 

Plant based Whole 30


Vegan Keto 

Plant based Keto

Soy Free Keto

Gluten Free Keto

Keto Soy & Gluten Free


Vegan Mediterranean  

Plant based Mediterranean


Vegan gluten free 

Vegan soy free

Vegan soy & gluten free


Plant based 

Soy free

Gluten free

High protein

Low sodium 


Slow carbs 

Vegan Slow carbs 

Plant based slow carbs

Soy free slow carbs

Gluten free slow carbs

Slow carbs Soy & Gluten free

Salmon in Sauce

Adult & Children Meal Plans Available


Monlthly Subscription
1 Meal  $34.99
2 Meals $32.99
3 Meals $31.99
4 Meals $29.99
5 Meals $27.99


Monlthly Subscription
1 Meal  $21.99
2 Meals $19.99
3 Meals $18.99
4 Meals $16.99
5 Meals $14.99

Healthy Snacks

Monlthly Subscription
5 Healthy snacks $7.99
10 Healthy snacks $6.99
25 Healthy snacks $4.99

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