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Mobile Workshops

Organic Mobile Chefs offers a variety of workshops courses to guide individuals through the necessary steps to establish a healthy eating pattern that matches their health goals, food preferences and lifestyle demands. Our interactive workshops are available online and in person focus on healthy obstacles like lack of time, nutrition, healthy lifestyles, fatigue, stress management, fatigue and low energy. 


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All workshops are available to any age and corporation. We also offer custom seminar topics for groups for youth, families, for profit and nonprofit businesses. For group workshop inquiries, please fill out the form here. 


Eating Healthy Foundations Workshops

Organic Eating Workshop

Mindful Eating Workshop

Stocking Your Kitchen


Meal Planning & Meal Prepping Workshops

Basic Meal Planning Workshop 

(meal plan only)

Beginner Meal Planning Workshop (meal plan & food bdugeting)

Elementary Meal Planning

(meal plan & meal prep)

Advanced Meal Planning

(food shopping & dining out)

Basic Meal Prep

Healthy Food
Calorie Count

Nutrition Workshops

Sweet Are Good

Quinch Your Thirst

Nutrition Basics

Season With Love

Ease Pain Naturally

Sip on This Tea


Diet Based Workshops

Keto Diet Basics

Paleo Diet Basics

Plant Based Diet Basics

Whole30 Diet Basics

Vegan Diet Basics

Vegan Keto Diet Basics

Vegan Paleo DIet Basics

Vegan Whole30 Diet Basics

Whole Grains Diet Basics

The Right Diet

Eat to Lose

Transmasculine Diet

Transfeminine Diet

Anti-inflammatory Diet

Soy & Gluten Free Diet

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